Neon Signs

Neon signs have always given a special, attention-grabbing, glow to the streets they inhabit. The beautifully timed displays shine out in the darkness with a rhythm that harkens back to the past. Once upon a time, there were countless sign shops creating new and more dramatic neon signs for customers. As time rolls on these shops have faded away and neon displays have become harder to fabricate. So, whether you need a simple “Yes We’re Open” sign or a more complicated display to call attention to your building, we can help with construction and installation of these beautiful pieces of history. Our technicians at Texas Electrical can also help with restoring old or damaged neon, because yes, unfortunately neon signs and tubes do break occasionally. We’re at your service to splice, weld, evacuate and recharge new gas. Clear, colored, and everything in between, we’ll bend and shape your neon back to new. Technically, the correct terminology is “cold cathode lighting”, but we won’t hold that against you.

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